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Morales® PLUS Titanium version
  • Morales® PLUS Titanium version
  • Morales® PLUS Titanium version

Morales® PLUS Titanium version

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Considering that each of the patients who use the protraction face mask have a different profile, we decided to improve the adaptation and adjustment, taking our product line to a new level of sophistication.

The adjustment of the protraction face mask is essential and we must understand that it defines the direction of a treatment; adapting it correctly, obtaining better results and making it easier has been the objective for developing the Morales® PLUS and MINI, in its Titanium version.

This version has titanium components and properties that make it unique, lighter and exclusive on the market.

It is for the individual use of the patient and must be used under the responsibility and supervision of the specialist dentist. The patient should use it at home and in activities that do not involve risk.


Forehead and chin cup, mainframe, upper rotating support, crossbar, stops (2), cotton padding, Allen key.

Available color: pearly.

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