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The only protraction face mask with ventilation slots.

A face mask of avant-garde design, cotton padding and ventilation slots to improve its function on the pressure areas of the chin on soft tissues, reducing irritation by sweating.

Improves ventilation and provides greater comfort to patients in areas where humidity and heat are factors that are a serious problem during treatment.

The cotton padding improves its function by providing greater comfort to the patient and facilitates their cooperation. Due to its overextended design, it decreases the pressure areas of the chin on the soft tissues and reduces possible periodontal problems caused by excessive pressure in a defined area, as well as irritation due to sweating.

The stops system allows the following function: 

Dynamic face mask. When using a dynamic face mask, opening and closing movements are allowed offering greater comfort to the patient.

Fixed face mask. When the stops immobilize the chin cup, opening and closing movements are not allowed, maintaining the elastics on the same direction of traction. 

Any excess that protrudes below the lower stop should be cut to avoid damage to the soft tissues.

It is for the individual use of the patient and must be used under the responsibility and supervision of the specialist dentist. The patient should use it at home and in activities that do not involve risk. 


Forehead and chin cup, mainframe, upper rotating support, crossbar, stops (2), cotton padding, Allen key.

Available colors: blue, red, pink.

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