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Provide the Morales® Protraction Facial Mask for the treatment of prognathic syndrome in all its models, through the adaptation, updating and improvement of the Quality Management System, in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 with the purpose of satisfying the requirements of our Clients and Users, integrating into strategic planning an approach based on risks and opportunities to formulate guidelines that promote human, organizational and environmental well-being that include the efficient use of resources, raw materials and adequate waste management. 



We are committed to manufacture products that make a difference for the treatment of some craniofacial problems, through the application of continuous improvement strategies that achieve profitability and the personal and professional growth of all those who integrate it.


Through our brand we will position ourselves as a world class company with the launch of new products that will be spearheaded by the scope of their clinical benefits and their presentation in the market.


We have set guidelines for continued growth in quality standards globally.

Business partners

We will continue to maintain our leadership at the national level and we will focus on consolidating the presence of our products internationally.

World-class companies differ from traditional ones in the way they manage their human capital and resources, in order to optimize their competitiveness and participation in the world market, innovate and make continuous improvements to meet the client’s needs and requirements.
A few years ago, Ortosim in a methodical and documented way began this comprehensive quality process to obtain an ISO certification, a decision that has contributed to our path as a world-class company.
We are very proud to have the certification in a globally recognized standard such as ISO 9001:2015 / NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2015 in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System, whose scope is the "Manufacture and Sales of the Maxillary Protraction Face Mask”, applicable to our Morales® protraction face masks, in all their versions.
In Mexico we are the first company to be certified in the oral health branch and the second in the health sector, so representing Mexico through our products will always be a source of pride and a seal of distinction.
This certification confirms our commitment to offer our Customers, products and services that fully satisfy their requirements and expectations, achieving in turn steadily increase our profitability, leadership, competitiveness and permanence in the market. The above, within a climate that encourages the integral development of the Staff, considering that business quality begins with human quality.
The IMNC, AC, is a certification body with more than 27 years of experience in the standardization and certification market for ISO standards and other national certification schemes such as the Made in Mexico emblem, Certification of Clean Beaches and centers of work that implement practices of Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination.
They also have the highest national and international recognition by the Mexican accreditation entity to operate as an accredited certification body, and their certificate is also recognized worldwide by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which is equivalent to that the certificate issued in Mexico by IMNC, AC, is valid and recognized in more than 92 countries of which are members of the IAF around the world.
At the national level, it has the approval by the Ministry of Economy to develop Mexican standards in quality matters and has the mirror committees of ISO in Mexico on this matter, which allows to have first-hand information and to participate directly in these ISO international standardization committees.

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