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Our history


The beginning

Ortosim was founded. We started with the research of the product to generate creative proposal.

Product launch

We made the first sales of the Standard protraction face mask in Mexico.

We give value to the product

We had the vision to transcend, implement a continuous improvement program and opened international distribution opportunities.

International launch

We established a business relationship with Ormco. Dr. Fernando Morales designed the A.D Protraction face mask, with the purpose of selling our product internationally.


We began the process of restructuring and defining areas, as well as the selection of personnel. We make scientific disclosure of success stories.

A star is born

We launched the Morales® PLUS face mask to improve our positioning in the national market. We launched the cotton padding and the results showed that it would be a great competitive advantage.

We strengthen leadership

Our network of dealers increased and we consolidated ourselves as a leading company in the manufacture of the protraction face mask. We improved production processes and started the training, quality and continuous improvement program for all personnel.

Market segmentation

We launched the Morales® ECO, Morales® MINI and Morales® ECOTROPIC to diversify our product line in the national market.

XXX Anniversary

Proud to celebrate three decades working with a great creative and talented team.

The new age

A new stage begins to internationalize new generation products, establish alliances and commercial partners. We continue to offer different products in search of new market niches. Ortosim is looking forward to be certified in the ISO 9001 Standard to comply with a world class Quality Management System.


We obtained our certification in a globally recognized standard such as ISO 9001:2015 / NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2015 in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System, whose scope is the " Marketing and Maquila of the Maxillary Protraction Face Mask ”, applicable to our Morales® protraction facial masks, in all their versions.

Ortosim S.A. de C.V.
Convento de Actopan 13 A
Jardines de Santa Mónica
Tlalnepantla 54050
Estado de México

+52 55 6265 7063

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