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We are a family company with more than 30 years of experience. Headed by Dr. Fernando Morales and an excellent team, who over the years consolidated leadership manufacturing the protraction face mask.

Conquering the international market is a great challenge, however, we have the best product and the best team to achieve it. The greatest motivation to reach the goal is to know that the success achieved in 30 years was only a dream at the beginning...

During these years we have had the opportunity to grow and adapt to the environment, a situation that has led us to improve our administrative and production processes. Likewise, the personnel training and development programs have been favorable aspects for our team composed of senior management, administrative, financial, commercial and production areas to comply the established objectives.

We are currently focused on reaching international markets through new business partners; We will begin a new stage of expansion and growth so that the Morales® brand and our products will soon be known.

Ortosim S.A. de C.V.
Convento de Actopan 13 A
Jardines de Santa Mónica
Tlalnepantla 54050
Estado de México

+52 55 6265 7063

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