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  • Dr. Marc SaadiaDear Fernando, I have known you for many years and I have always been impressed by your ability to specify the needs that clinicians have to solve our problems. Aside from your clinical quality, you have made my life much easier by developing what I consider to be the best face masks in the world. But not only that, you keep innovating, researching and using new technologies to keep creating. Starting in 1979 when we started using them, we took facial impressions, we used clothespins as a main frame and from there we built them. What a difference today, adapt your masks to any face type in 2 minutes. Continue creating and growing as a professional. Your name endures and I'm sure that with the Morales face mask, you will still continue putting the name of our Mexico on high by exporting to so many countries. With esteem and respect.

    Dr. Marc Saadia (México, DF)
  • Dr. Celier Flores CéspedesI want to express our greatest gratitude to Dr. Fernando Morales, for such a brilliant dissertation made in the first virtual international conferences, for members of the Bolivian Society of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Cochabamba. It was an enriching and very beneficial learning for us, being the most benefited, our patients, since we learned to use their face masks in an optimal way and with new tips, which are very useful and practical tools to be able to treat all patients who require such treatment.

    Dr. Celier Flores Céspedes Presidente SBO
    (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
  • Dr. José A. Cruz MascorroFor over 30 years the dynamic face mask developed by Dr. Fernando Morales has been so helpful. I have been fortunate to apply it in pediatric patients with excellent results, in orthopedic treatments in cases of maxillary hypoplasia with extraordinary results; I have used it as retention in cases of upper jaw advancement carried with osteogenic distraction and also with orthognathic surgery, with excellent results, cases presented in different universities and professional forums. Due to this fact and others, I consider that it is currently a tool that should be considered to be studied in all the academic programs of postgraduate courses as well as in any pediatric and orthodontic practice.

    Dr. José A. Cruz Mascorro (Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua)
  • Dr. María de los Dolores Cardoso AlvaradoDear Dr. Morales, I am very pleased to be able to testify that for more than 30 years I have used in my practice of Pediatric Dentistry the dynamic face masks developed by you, with excellent results, especially in pediatric patients with deficiencies of the third midface, that is, in patients with anteroposterior hypoplasia of the upper jaw, and when the diagnosis, treatment plan and good patient cooperation are adequate, we see excellent changes in the bone structures of the patients' faces. Using the face mask has always been my first option in these cases and they have been a success. I want to congratulate you on the development of this tool and, at the same time, your team for the improvements they have made in recent years.

    Dr. María de los Dolores Cardoso Alvarado (Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua)
  • Dr. Maritza GranadosSince I was in postgraduate studies at the Intercontinental University, the topic of skeletal Class III in the hands of my teacher, Dr Fernando Morales, has been fascinating. Above all, because of the passion that he puts to teach all his knowledge, without hesitating at any time to reveal everything without keeping anything. As a result, I have had great success treating many patients with their face mask, which is esthetic, dynamic, comfortable and adjustable. Proud of all the knowledge acquired, I have always transmitted to my patients how lucky I was to have him as a teacher. I must confess that I have treated patients as young as 15 years old, whose success has been such that they did not need orthognathic surgery and have remained stable over time.

    Dr. Maritza Granados (Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Sandra Benavides ChaverriI am very honored to have the opportunity to write about one of my best teachers at the Intercontinental University, who is Dr. Fernando Morales. He has always been an exemplary teacher for his dedication to our profession as orthodontists, not only in the field of teaching, where he has served with excellence, but also in the area of research. Pioneer, enterprising and committed professional who loves to design and invent appliances for improvement and excellent patient outcomes. An eternal thanks Dr. Morales for sharing with much love, all his knowledge with us, his students. Thank you for being an extraordinary teacher and leaving us great teachings and valuable contributions and advice in the management of Class III treatments and of course an extraordinary human being.

    Dr. Sandra Benavides Chaverri (Heredia, Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Sofía PérezThe great work of Dr. Morales is admirable, always in continuous innovation and setting the pace for the future of major orthopedic changes and now in the management of Class III malocclusions with his design of the skeletal anchoring face mask. In the LPH area, these dynamics have been important to develop better treatment results and to see permanent structural changes reflected in patients, filling patients, their families, and the orthodontists who handle their changes with great satisfaction. Fraternal greetings dear Professor, always close to his students, to his colleagues, accessible and willing to share his knowledge and expertise. Tireless orthodontist in search of continuous improvements in the management of Class III malocclusions.

    Dr. Sofía Pérez (El Salvador)
  • Dr. Alicia CuevasDear Fernando, I consider that the AD Protraction Face Mask by Ormco and that it is manufactured by Ortosim, is the best option in Europe to perform postero-anterior traction of the maxilla. The results in growing children are very flattering and in young adults, in cases of hypomaxilia with anterior and bilateral crossbite they are spectacular. This, with prior sutural disarticulation performed with disjunction on palatal implants, avoiding surgeries. It is impossible for me to write these lines without saying that the quality of this face mask is the reflection of your professionalism, the fruit of your passion, dedication, observation, patience and creative spirit that many years of work have represented. Despite having my practice in the southwest of France, I am fortunate to exchange opinions with you on various topics and cases and your opinion is always of great value.

    Dr. Alicia Cuevas Qualified Orthodontist
    (Paux, France)
  • Dr. Luis Diego Pérez ElizondoI want to thank Dr. Morales for your participation in our academy with the topic of Management of Skeletal CIII, the conference incorporated modern elements within the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions and was of great interest. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our members, both from the conference and from the use of their face masks. At the same time, I would like you to keep in mind that it is very important for the academy to continue to count on your participation for future activities.

    Dr. Luis Diego Pérez Elizondo Academia Costarricense de Odontología Pediátrica
    (Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Mario Armando de la Cruz AcostaI have the pleasure of giving a testimony about the work and career of a great professional and friend, Dr. Fernando Morales, whom I met more than 50 years ago, studying at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Since 2015 I have had the support of the Association, the Postgraduate, and currently the Colegio Tabasqueño de Ortodoncia to repeatedly have in Tabasco, the support of Fernando, with his conferences, research, advances and technological innovations, about the face mask early treatment of the Classes III. I can say that thanks to Dr. Fernando Morales we have had scientific and technological support in this treatment, and also that personally he is a national and international pride of our beloved orthodontic specialty.

    Dr. Mario Armando de la Cruz Acosta (Villahermosa, Tabasco)
  • Plastic Surgeon Jorge Vladimir Covarrubias RamírezDr. Fernando Morales, I am pleased to congratulate you on your so prestigious career of so many years helping people through your profession and multiple studies in distraction, particularly with the face mask; is a great example for current and future generations, who today require a lot of dedication and passion for what they do and work for. Certainly, your commitment and management with patients will always be reflected over time, I wish you the best continuing with this great effort looking forward this vision and leadership that has always characterized you.

    Plastic Surgeon Jorge Vladimir Covarrubias Ramírez (Celaya, Guanajuato)
  • C.D.M.O. Laura Roxana Valenzuela RuizIt is almost impossible for me to explain the wonderful experience it was to be part of the Master of Orthodontics program at Universidad Intercontinental and how fortunate I was to have Dr. Fernando Morales my teacher, instructor, advisor and now have him as a great friend. Thanks to the opportunity to work in postgraduate studies with skeletal Class III patients and to be guided in these cases by you as my instructor, I have been able to experience the great benefit of early care in these patients, the great importance of performing an adequate orthopedic treatment and in time, but above all, the great benefit using the Morales face mask. My patients have accepted and cooperated with the use of this face mask, in addition to being comfortable, they have shown a lot of self-motivation when observing results in a short term. Thank you doctor for all these years in which you have been a great example to follow, not only academically, but also personally, you are a great human being whom I admire and respect very much.

    C.D.M.O. Laura Roxana Valenzuela Ruiz (Mexicalli, Baja California)
  • Dr. Ricardo Conte GalvánDr. Fernando Morales has been a guest teacher at the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, where he has collaborated in various forums and investigations with Class III patients with and without a cleft lip and palate sequela, and has participated as an advisor for the use of the Morales face mask, as well as the Morales DISTRACTOR that we use for the advancement of the middle third in patients with maxillary hypoplasia, surgically assisted. With the patients of our Cleft Lip and Palate Association in Coahuila, he has been of great help in solving the cases that have arisen. We are very grateful for his selfless support for over 10 years.

    Dr. Ricardo Conte Galván Presidente de la Asociación de Labio y Paladar Hendido de Coahuila AC
  • Dr. Marvin Estrada MacíasI want to mention that for 9 years I have been a teacher of the Postgraduate Pediatric Dentistry at the Clínica de Ortopedia Dentofacial of the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, where I have promoted the use of the Morales protraction face mask as the best option for the treatment of Class III considering their excellent results and clinical experience since I graduated in 2005 from the specialty of orthodontics from the Universidad Latinoamericana. I take this opportunity Dr. Morales to acknowledge your great dedication, effort and vision as an orthodontist. I hope to always being your friend and also that you have some day the opportunity to join us as a guest teacher at our institution.

    Dr. Marvin Estrada Macías Coordinador de Ortodoncia de la Universidad de Chihuahua
    (Chihuahua, Chihuahua)
  • José Ramón Hernández CarvalloDear Fernando, I want to thank you on behalf of the Posgrado de Ortodoncia del Centro de Alta Especialidad del Estado de Veracruz, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and my own, the support you have given us as a teacher, in addition to the donations of the Morales face masks that have been fundamental in the treatments, mainly in children with sequelae of lip-alveolar-palatal fissures, as well as the support of the face masks for osteogenic distraction. Your knowledge of the subject in Class III has been an important part of our students. Thank you for all that, but mainly for your friendship.

    José Ramón Hernández Carvallo Coordinador del Posgrado CAE-UNAM
    (Jalapa, Veracruz)
  • Dr. Ana Italia Marín BosqueI met Dr. Fernando Morales in 1993 at the Universidad Intercontinental (UIC). Together with Dr. Jorge Fastlicht, gave us the Universal Technique class and stood out for his great career as a highly creative scientist who had a dental appliance design laboratory in whom Dr. Fastlicht found a friend and support for the creation of the then novel college bracket. There was not much information about the face mask in Aguascalientes in the 90's, however, I feel fortunate about the media expansion that our professor has been reaching in México and other countries all over these years. I keep every note that I copied from Dr. Morales blackboard, every valuable comment, every point. You had to learn everything. Thus, for two short years, I had the opportunity to learn everything I could from Dr. Morales. Today, well deservedly, he is recognized internationally.

    Dr. Ana Italia Marín Bosque
  • Dr. Joaquín Canseco JimenezI have been honored during 35 years to have your friendship and to know your concern to always be creating academic and clinical activities of excellence, having as main axis the orthopedic postulates in the care of patients in Class III growth and sequelae of cleft lip and palate, with your universal contribution of the Morales protraction face mask and thus integrate them into their daily activities, with facial aesthetics and functional occlusion. Receive a big hug and my recognition for your collaboration as guest teacher in our University Course of the Especialidad de Ortodoncia del Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez.

    Dr. Joaquín Canseco Jimenez (México, DF)
  • Dr. Jorge FastlichtIt is a real privilege for me to be able to say in a few words the many positive achievements of Dr. Fernando Morales, during his professional career as an Orthodontist, as an University Professor, as well as the inventor of multiple appliances used in orthodontic practice. Among them he has stood out with the Morales protraction face mask for the skeletal correction of Classes III. I have had the privilege of having shared with him, Theory and the Clinic for 25 years at the Universidad Intercontinental. Also as guest teachers at the Universidad Popular Autónoma de Puebla and Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas. Magnificent lecturer and great honest and discreet professional.

    Dr. Jorge Fastlicht (México, DF)
  • Dr. Maripaz AguilarDr. Morales is always attentive to the therapeutic needs of the patient; he designed the face mask for small kids making fitting easier. With the advent of distraction now in patients with craniofacial anomalies, the doctor customizes the face masks according to the profile and size of the patient's face so that it does not interfere during the advancement process, in addition to placing other supports depending on the direction of the vector that is required to advance the zygomatic area and the maxilla. Dr. Morales is always pending in addressing the needs for a better control of the treatment and use of the protraction face mask, which are made with high quality materials and resistance. I congratulate Dr. Morales for this work of years.

    Dr. Maripaz Aguilar (México, DF)
  • Professor Miguel Ángel Fernández VillavicencioDr. Fernando Morales is an excellent Orthodontic Specialst and designer of the Morales protraction face masks, which are work tools that contribute in an important way, together with other mechanical orthopedic devices, to the treatment of patients with sagittal growth and development alterations of the cranio-dento-facial complex (Class III). The design of these models give us the opportunity for pediatric dentists, dentofacial orthopedists and orthodontists to start treatments from an early age (3 years old children), covering the different growth peaks, as the case may be. In the 6 years that I have been using the Morales MINI, the results obtained have been successful, supported by a scrupulous diagnosis.

    Professor Miguel Ángel Fernández Villavicencio Coordinador de la Especialidad de Odontopediatría de la ULA (México, DF)

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